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Our Team

Michelle Fahrnow, MS, LPC


M.S., Clinical Community Counseling,

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

B.A., English, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Karen Gottlieb, MS, LPC

The most important part of treatment is establishing a trusting client-therapist relationship. I work to build a warm, open environment so you feel safe when sharing difficult thoughts and feelings. My specialty is helping couples and individuals struggling with: depression, anxiety, grief & loss, trauma & abuse, low self-worth, stress management, relationship difficulties, loneliness, experiences of oppression, discrimination or marginalization,  and life transitions. I have extensive experience with individuals who have experienced trauma, including: sexual assault, unexpected death of a loved one and traumatic childhoods. And couples who have experienced infidelity & loss, parenting issues and are struggling to maintain a healthy relationship. Even if you do not see your particular concern listed, I invite you to contact me to talk about your needs and goals.

My process is collaborative and individualized while taking an empathetic, supportive, and nonjudgmental approach. This method helps to challenge problematic thinking patterns, aid in the management of symptoms, and help develop self-confidence to manage the difficulties of life. I use a combination of techniques including: cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, person-centered, EMDR, and other humanistic approaches.

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M.S., Clinical Community Counseling,

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

B.S., Psychology, Drake University

I truly love my work and am driven by my desire to help people make positive change in their lives. Asking for help is difficult and I honor the strength and courage it takes to do so. I strive to create an environment of safety, trust and non-judgement, which are essential elements for authentic healing and transformation to occur. My therapeutic style is supportive, authentic and collaborative. I believe, regardless of one's life circumstances, we all possess resilience, hope and possibility.

Together we will explore ways to navigate life's challenges while gaining insight and self-awareness. As each of us have unique life experiences and our own worldview, I will work with you to create a treatment plan and approach that is tailored to your needs and well-being.

My therapeutic approach is grounded in humanistic, strength-based and trauma focused modalities. I will integrate ACT and IFS, amoung other strategies throughout our work together. Whatever your reason for seeking therapy, I would be honored to join you on your healing journey.


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Deidre Prosen, MS, LPC

M.S., Clinical Community Counseling,

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

M.F.A., Painting, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

B.F.A., Drawing & Painting, University of Manitoba

It takes courage to seek help when you are suffering. Taking steps to improve the quality of your life is one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself. I believe it is the job of a therapist to help people on their journey and that the therapeutic relationship is an essential part of this process. The therapist must create an environment of trust where it feels safe to explore thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental, supportive manner. In this atmosphere work can begin to identify strengths and diminish self-defeating thinking and behavior so that you can move forward with your life.

I believe that it is important to develop strategies that aid in managing symptoms, while also working to understand underlying sources of those symptoms. Helping people gain insight and greater emotional understanding of themselves allows them to manifest growth and change.

I use a therapeutic approach that incorporates psychodynamic, existential and person centered therapy along with cognitive behavioral techniques. These techniques can be applied to many mental health issues such as stress management, trauma and PTSD, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, gender identity issues, substance use, intrusive and suicidal thoughts, relationship/marital issues, anger management and more.

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